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Blink Charges into the Future with Alexa Voice Control Integration

October 5, 2016 Category: Press Releases 

New voice commands lead to seamless control of Blink video home security and monitoring systems

Boston, Mass. – (10/05/2016) – Blink, the ultra-affordable, wire-free, home security and HD video monitoring system, today unveiled that its popular home security cameras are now fully integrated with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices including Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Tap. All Blink users who own these devices can now control Blink’s top-of-the-line security system without lifting a finger, using voice alone to make their homes more secure. The news follows Blink’s recent announcement that it has doubled its battery life, granting users an unprecedented two-year battery life with no additional cost.

“We live in a world where convenience is king and simplicity wins,” said Peter Besen, CEO of Blink. “Blink’s seamless setup and easy-to-use interface provided a catalyst for our product’s explosive growth and the addition of voice control through the Amazon Alexa platform marks the next, bold step in Blink’s progression as an industry-leading home security and monitoring system. Whether it is a parent with a handful of kids to keep track of, or someone coming home with two arms full of groceries, it is vital that our consumers receive a hassle-free home security experience.”

Through this integration, Blink customers can now use their voice to arm, disarm and receive information about their security system, including current system status as well as time and location of the last recorded motion clip.

“Launching an Amazon Alexa skill for Blink is a very exciting step in the evolution of our product,” said Don Shulsinger, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Blink. “Amazon has sold millions of Alexa-enabled devices and there is significant crossover among our customers.”

In addition to being newly hands-free, Blink’s wire-free video home security and monitoring systems start at $99, come with free cloud storage and deliver crystal-clear HD video through the Blink app available for iOS and Android devices. Blink units can be purchased on Amazon.com or directly through blinkforhome.com.

About Blink

Blink is an ultra-affordable, smart HD home monitoring and alert system that allows consumers to feel safe at home no matter where they are. Launched by Immedia Semiconductor in 2015, Blink is revolutionizing the home security industry by providing a completely wire-free system that delivers instant monitoring from any location through the Blink Home Monitor app. With customizable features, a sleek design and battery life of over one year, Blink offers an easy and affordable security solution for homeowners, renters, business owners, caretakers and more. For more information, visit blinkforhome.com.

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24 thoughts on “Blink Charges into the Future with Alexa Voice Control Integration”

  1. This is great news, and the more ways we have to control blink the better. Im very glad for scheduling alarms, as well as this, but when can we expect full IFTTT support?

  2. I would like to try and see the result of it as I’m trying to use it at my mother home who’s 88 years old and is currently under a personal daily care until 6:00 PM and after she stay along until the next day though I live 5 minutes away I’ll like to be able to monitore her from my home at least until she goes to bed.

  3. Can I see a sample video for night mode. I live in an high rise condo and it is dark when I am not home and have the lights off.

    1. Hi Kendall! No you do not, integration with Alexa is just an added feature if you have one of these systems and want to control your Blink with voice.

  4. A great news, but can you tell if there is a future version of blink that will be compatible with Apple HomeKit ?

  5. Hi

    I am very satisfied with my blink system.
    Very excited to hear that echo integration has started.
    What about Siri integration?
    And what’s the progress on the alarm module?

    Greetings from Belgium

    1. Hi Tim! We are just as excited! We do not have any plans for integration with Siri at this time. The alarm hardware is complete and we are working on finishing up the software. Thanks!

  6. I have Alexa and I have Blink cameras. How do I set them up to work together. I can’t find instructions anywhere.

  7. I just received your Blink camera’s and am blown away with the picture quality and ease of use. I do have a question concerning the use with Alexa. Is there a delay from when you tell Alexa to arm my Home Blink system to when Blink actually activates allowing me to exit my house without Blink capturing me on camera? GREAT PRODUCT!

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